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The Voyage to Rapa Nui / 1999-2000

Leg 4: Rapa Nui to Tahiti

Photo below by N. Anthony: Bruce Blankenfeld, Navigator

Maps: (1) Map of the Voyage to Rapa Nui, June 1999-February 2000; (2) Map with Reference Course Line: Rapa Nui to Tahiti

Course Strategy: Rapa Nui to Tahiti

Wind, Weather, and Currents of the Pacific

Reports and Photos

Photos (Photos of Leg 4 by Na'alehu Anthony and other crew members.)

The Gift, Nov. 5, 1999--Rapa Nui Museum: The crew of the fourth leg from Rapa Nui to Tahiti presents a gift to the people of Rapa Nui--a model of Hokule'a built by Wright Bowman Sr., who built it in memory of his son, master canoe carver Wright Bowman Jr.

Crew member Na'alehu Anthony with his mom Lilikala Kame'eleihiwa, board member of the Polynesian Voyaging Society.

Captain Wally Froiseth works on the boom before departure. The loose-footed sails used on the Rapa Nui run have been replaced with the inverted triangular sails attached to spars and booms.

Reports: Nov. 7, 1999--Preparing to leave; Nov. 9, 1999--Departure

Photo: Josie and Ramon Paoa, along with others, bid Hokule'a farewell.

Kimo Lyman: reflections on leaving Rapa Nui

Reflections on the Health of the Rapa Nui People, by Dr. Blane Chong, medical officer on board Hokule'a;

Reports: Nov. 10, 1999--Winds slacken; Nov. 11-12, 1999--Slow going; Nov. 13, 1999--Becalmed; Nov. 14, 1999--Entering the Southeast tradewind zone; Nov. 18: Long-line fishing vessel sighted

Photo: Navigator Bruce Blankenfeld at Sunset. Light winds, small seas, cloud cover: typical weather for the first 9 days

Reports: Nov. 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19, 1999--Light and variable winds, slow going

Photos: The Crew shares an evening meal; Sunrise-- Weather is generally mild in the Southeast tradewind zone at this time of the year. The Southern Hemisphere is moving from spring to summer while Hawai'i and the Northern Hemisphere move from fall to winter.

Kimo Lyman: thoughts on life at sea

Photo: Kimo Lyman writing in his journal.

Kimo's introductions to the crew

Photos of the Crew and Life at Sea: Navigator Bruce Blankenfeld measuring the height of the sun. / Navigator Bruce Blankenfeld at sunset. / Captain Wally Froiseth making repairs. / Captain Wally Froiseth working on the new booms before departure. / Watch Captain Dennis Chun providing music for the crew. / Watch Captain Dennis Chun getting ready for bed. / Watch Captain Terry Hee steering. / Watch Captain Terry Hee taking care of the fishing equipment. / Kimo working the lines with Kawika. / Apprentice Navigator Kamaki Manavaroa Worthington working on a plan with Navigator Bruce Blankenfeld and Student Navigator Na'alehu Anthony. / Apprentice Navigator Kamaki Manavaroa Worthington. / Dr. Blane Chong inside his sleeping compartment. / Dr. Blane Chong helps with cleaning. / Cook Nalani Kaneakua gets ready to carve up an ahi. / Cook Nalani Kaneakua slicing fish. / At meal time, the crew gathering around Nalani to find out, "What's for lunch?" / Crew member Bob Bee with Blane Chong. / Crew member Bob Bee steering. / Crew member Kawika Crivello looking out from his sleeping compartment. / Crew member Kealoha Hoe steering in the shadow of Hokule'a's back sail. / Crew member Kawai Warren on the side sweep. / Crew member Kawai Warren with motus (islands) of Rapa Nui at the stern: Rapa Nui, Motu-kaokao, Motu-iti, Motu-nui. / Documentation Equipment Specialist Na'alehu Anthony with the video camera. / Na'alehu Anthony on the sweep.

Reports: Nov. 20--10-20 knot tradewinds; Hokule'a begins to fly at 6 knots; Nov. 21--Sailing at 6 knots; Nov. 22--Sailing at 5.5 knots; Nov. 23--Sailing at 5.5 knots.

Photos: Raising the jib for downwind sailing in light winds; Full moon setting ahead as the canoe heads west.

Reports: Nov. 24--Sailing at 4.5 knots; Nov. 25--Sailing at 7 knots; Nov. 26--Sailing at 6 knots, looking for an island; Nov. 27--Sailing at 6.5 knots, looking for an island.

Photos: Rain squall: the crew in foul weather gear; Talking story around the cooking box.; Swabbing the Deck: the crew cleans up in fair weather.

Reports: Nov. 28--Landfall! Fatu Hiva in the Marquesas; Nov. 29--Heading for Rangiroa and Tahiti; Nov. 30--Sailing at 6-7 knots. Good fishing; Dec. 1 and 2--Towing in light winds toward the Tuamotus.

Photos: Kealoha Hoe: Looking for an island; Towing

Reports: Dec. 3 a nd 4, 1999--Sighting Tahiti; Arrival in Pape'ete

Navigator: Bruce Blankenfeld-- Bio; Photo; Captain: Wally Froiseth--Bio; Photo: Wally is on the left, with wife Moku and navigator Bruce Blankenfeld; Hokule'a Crew: Na'alehu Anthony (O'ahu); Bob Bee (O'ahu); Blane Chong (O'ahu); Dennis Chun (Kaua'i); Terry Hee (O'ahu); Nalani Kaneakua (Kaua'i); Kawika Crivello (Moloka'i); Kealoha Hoe (O'ahu); Kimo Lyman (O'ahu); Kawai Warren (Kaua'i); Kamaki Worthington (O'ahu); Kama Hele (Escort Vessel) Crew: Captain Alex Jakubenko (O'ahu); Elsa Jakubenko (O'ahu); Alicia Akuna-Ika (Rapa Nui); Tim Gilliom (Maui); Attwood Makanani (Kaua'i); Jacky Tetuanui (Tahiti); Nalani Wilson (O'ahu)