November 24, 1999 Morning Report (from Bruce Blankenfeld and Kamaki Worthington) / 14.5 days since departure: Winds have lightened to 5-12 knots, variable from Hikina (E) to Noio Malanai (SE by S). Hokule'a is sailing at about 4.5 knots on a heading of Noio Ho'olua (NW by W). Navigators estimate the canoe has averaged about 4.5 knots over the last 24 hours and made 110 miles. The easterly swells has three components: Manu Ko'olau (NE) at 3-5 feet, Hikina (E) at 2-3 feet, and Manu Malanai (SE) at 3-5 feet. 100 percent cloud cover (70 percent cumulus, 100 percent stratus, 60 percent cirrus) last night again made steering and latitude calculations difficult. Round moon, waning (Mahealani, 16 days old). Estimated latitude at sunrise, 11/24: 10 degrees 41' S; based on measurement of Caph; wanted to use Shaula in the southern sky but couldn't get a fix; 14 miles east of the reference course. Hokule'a will turn west to look for the Marquesas when it reaches 9.5 degrees S. Actual Position at 6:00 a.m. HST: 11 degrees 58' S; 129 degrees 50'W. Fishing: no strikes. Crew: everyone in good health and spirits.

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