November 12, 1999 Sunrise Report (Based on Sat Phone call from Na'alehu Anthony): Light, variable winds. The crew has its biggest sails up, but the canoe is mainly bobbing, doing at best, one knot on a Noio Ho'olua (NW by W) heading, down from two knots last night and yesterday. (Winds should pick up as the canoe gets north, away from the high pressure ridge sitting over Rapa Nui.) Squalls on the horizon (cumulus congestus); high clouds (cirrus, mares' tails). Seas are smooth and glassy, with 3-4 ft. NE swell and 4-5 ft. SW swell continuing. Hokule'a has made about 60 miles in the last 24-hours. Estimated latitude about 25 degrees S, based on altitude of Caph (in Cassiopeia) last night at 6 degrees above the horizon as it transited the meridian. (Actual latitude about 24.40 degrees S.) Bird sightings: shearwater, white-tailed tropic bird. Debris: styrofoam block the size of a 48-quart cooler, attached to a long-line for fishing; both covered with barnacles.