Bruce M. Blankenfeld

Polynesian Voyaging Society

1990 to present - lecturer on Polynesian navigation, sailing, and wayfinding to students and community groups

1997 - Captain, sailing canoe Hokule'a, educational and community sails

1996 - repair and maintenance of Polynesian Voyaging Society canoes and equipment

1995 - Captain/Navigator of Hawai'iloa, from Vancouver, B.C. to Ketchikan, Alaska, via the Inland Passage. 850 miles, 10 days.

1995 - Captain/Navigator of sailing canoe Hawai'iloa from Hawai'i to Marquesas Islands via Tahiti and return. 2,400 miles, 23 days.

1995 - Captain/Navigator of Hawai'iloa from Tahiti to Nuku Hiva, Marquesas. 900 miles, 8 days.

1995 - Co- Captain/Co-Navigator of Hawai'iloa, with Chad Baybayan, from Hawai'i to Tahiti. 2,400 miles, 21 days.

1995 - Assisted in construction of Hawai'iloa, maintenance of Hokule'a

1993-1994 - Assisted in construction of Hawai'iloa, maintenance of Hawai'iloa

1992 - Cook Islands to Hawai'i, Co-Navigator, with Kimo Lyman

1992- Apprentice navigator on Hokule'a from Rarotonga, Cook Islands to Tahiti. 800 miles, 8 day.

1991- Navigational training sail on Hokule'a out of sight of land with a crew from Hawai'i, Rarotonga and Aotearoa. 9 days.

1990 - Commenced formal Polynesian navigation training with Nainoa Thompson and Mau Plailug

1987 - Watch captain. fisherman on Hokule'a from Rangiroa, Society islands, to Hawai'i. 2,500 miles, 27 days.

1986 - Crew member on Hokule'a from Aitutaki to Rarotonga, Cook Islands. 1 day.

1986 - Crew member and fisherman on Hokule'a from Rarotonga to Tahiti. 800 miles, 8 days.

1985- Crew member and fisherman on Hokule'a from Rarotonga to Aotearoa. 1,700 miles, 17 days.

1982 -Training sails aboard Hokule'a.

1980 -Crew member, fisherman, aboard Hokule'a from Tahiti to Hawai'i. 2,500 miles. 25 days.

1979 -Assisted with repair and maintenance of Hokule'a; Day and night training sails

1978 -Day and night training sail. Crew member on Hokule'a, which swamped after leaving Honolulu

1977 - Began association with Polynesian Voyaging Society by volunteering on Hokule'a, Assisted with construction, repair of Hokule'a in dry dock; Day and night training sails as a sailor

As a child, accompanied father on fishing expeditions in Hawaiian water.



Graduate: Kaiser High School, Honolulu, Hawai'i

1974-'75: Lassen Community College, Susanville, CA

1976: Hilo Community College, Hilo, Hawai'i

1976-'78 Leeward Community College, Oahu



1980 -1988 Honolulu Fire Department, Firefighter

1988 to present - McCabe Hamilton and Renny (stevedoring contractor), Foreman


Community Activity

1998-1997 University of Hawai'i Community Scholar's Program

1970 to present - Regatta and long distance paddler, Hui Nalu Canoe Club

1973 to present - Coach, Hui Nalu Canoe Club

1992 to present - Member and kayaker, Hawai'i Canoe / Kayak Team

1989-1990 - Member, Board of directors, Hui Nalu Canoe Club

1989-1994 ­ Coach, Outrigger Canoe Club Junior Volleyball Team



Born: Honolulu, Hawai'i, U.S. Citizen

Married, with two children

Hobbies: Raising taro, fruit trees, vegetables; reading