November 13, 1999 Morning Report (Based on Sat Phone call from Na'alehu Anthony): Winds have picked up as Hokule'a moves into the ESE tradewind zone, blowing 10-25 knots from Na Leo Malanai (SSE). The canoe is riding waves, doing six-seven knots, down from seven-eight knots last night, in choppy seas. The strategy now is to head back to the course line, 76 miles to the west, on an 'Aina Ho'olua (WNW) heading. Navigator Blankenfeld estimates the canoe has made about 84 miles in the last 12-hours; estimated latitude about 22 degrees 27' S. More luck fishing: the crew caught a 15 lb. 'ahi yesterday, and a 15-20 lb. aku this morning.

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