November 11, 1999 Report: A night of swift sailing at 6-7 knots, with 15-25 knots winds out of Na Leo Ko'olau (NNE). By 3 a.m., the winds began to slacken. The canoe was still doing 6 knots at sunrise, but by 1 p.m. HST today, the winds had died down. The canoe was sailing along at two knots. Last night and today, high cirrus clouds, covering 80-90 percent of the sky. The canoe traveled about 150 miles in the last 24 hours on a Manu Ho'olua heading (NW). Mellows seas, with a NE swell (3-4 ft.), a SW swell (3-5 ft.) and a N swell (1-3 ft.) At sunrise, the crew caught a 40 lb. ahi, and shared the catch with the crew of the escort boat Kama Hele.