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Painting Below: Readying Canoes for a Voyage by Herb Kawainui Kane




Spr 1995

Sum 1995

- Tommy Holmes: Provisioning for Polynesian Voyages, an excerpt from his book "The Hawaiian Canoe"
- Chad Baybayan: Traditional Foods and their Preparation for Voyaging
- Provisions for Voyaging on Hokule'a: What the Canoe Carries on a Modern Voyage
- Thomas Gladwin: Provisions for a Micronesian Voyage, an excerpt from his "East is a Big Bird"
- Elisa Yadao: Daily Living Aboard Hokule‘a
- Elisa Yadao: Jobs and Duties of Hokule'a Crew Members
- Fishing Aboard Hokule‘a
- Sealife: Birds, Mammals, and Fish of the Open Ocean
- Dangers at Sea
- Dr. Pat Aiu: Medical Needs Aboard Hokule‘a
- Crew and Navigational Training Programs
- Hawaiian Terms Used in Voyaging