November 30, 1999 Morning Report (from Bruce Blankenfeld and Kamaki Worthington) / 20.5 days since departure: Hokule'a continues heading 'Aina Kona (WSW) for Tahiti via Rangiroa in the Tuamotu Archipelago, sailing at 6-7 knots. Winds at 15-20 knots from Hikina (E)/La Malanai (E by S). Navigating by the stars and swells. The canoe is about 500 miles out and should be in Pape'ete in 3-4 days. Fish and birds abound: 2 ahi (yellow fin tuna) caught yesterday, and 2 more this morning. Estimated Position: 12 degrees 29' S, 12 miles N of the reference course, which now runs from Fatu Hiva to Rangiroa. Actual Position of Hokule'a at 6:00 a.m. HST: 12 degrees 10' S; 142 degrees 32'W.
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