November 13, 1999 Morning Report (Based on Sat Phone call from Na'alehu Anthony): Almost no wind this morning. The canoe is doing half a knot to one knot, down from one knot yesterday, in glassy seas. The strategy now is to head north, away from an area of high pressure and light winds that reaches up to about 20 degrees S, and to find the 20-knot easterly trade winds blowing north of the 20 degrees S. Heading as of last night: Haka Ho'olua (N by W). High clouds (cirrus) and cumulus along the horizons. Eighty-five percent cloud cover, but enough holes in the clouds to pick up stars to steer by at night. Navigator Blankenfeld estimates the canoe has made about 60 miles in the last 24-hours, 270 miles since departing Rapa Nui. Estimated latitude about 24 degrees S. The Kama Hele crew caught a 25 lb. aku last night.