November 22, 1999 Morning Report (from Bruce Blankenfeld and Kamaki Worthington)/ 12.5 days since departure: Hokule'a is 3/5 of the distance to the Marquesas, about 840 miles away this morning, sailing at 5.5 knots on a heading of Manu Ho'olua (NW), in steady 10-15 knot winds from Hikina (E). Navigators estimate the canoe has averaged about 5.5 knots over the last 24 hours and made 139 miles. The easterly swell is holding at 6 feet, suggesting good trade winds will continue. 50 percent cloud cover, mainly cumulus (fair weather clouds). Nearly full moon (akua, "god", 14 days old, one day from full) lights the night sky. Estimated latitude at sunrise, 11/22: 12 degrees 07' S; based on measurements of stars in Cassiopeia crossing the meridian (Caph at 18.5 degrees, Navi at 16.5 degrees, Ruchbah at 17 degrees); 50 miles east of the reference course. Actual Position at 6:00 a.m. HST: 13 degrees 13' S; 124 degrees 19'W. Fishing: no strikes, but Kama Hele passed over a 7 lb. aku (skipjack tuna); sealife: malolo (flying fish), 'iwa (frigate bird; "makohe" in Rapa Nui), manu o Ku (a land based bird, but the canoe was still miles from the Marquesas yesterday). The canoe's holds have been very dry, not taking on any water, due to the downwind sailing (no waves crashing over the bow) and the excellent dry dock work in 1997. Dennis Chun continues to play his guitar and this, along with good conversations, are keeping spirits high.

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