November 27, 1999 Morning Report (from Bruce Blankenfeld and Kamaki Worthington) / 17.5 days since departure: Hokule'a is sailing at 6.5 knots on a heading of 'Aina Ho'olua (WNW) and plans to continue on this heading until an island is sighted. According to their dead reckoning, the navigators believe they should have reached the Marquesas yesterday. As of this morning, however, they are still about 180 miles east of Fatu Hiva. Last night they met to discuss their estimates and have decided to stay on their current heading. On this heading, they should see land-based sea birds heading for the Marquesas at sunset today and make landfall in the Marquesas by tomorrow afternoon, perhaps Hiva Oa. Winds are 10-15 knots out of Hikina (E). Navigators estimate the canoe has averaged about 5 knots over the last 24 hours and made 132 miles. Sea state is still confused, with 3-5 foot swells from Manu Ko'olau (NE), Hikina (E), and 'Akau (N). 50 percent cloud cover, mainly cumulus (fair weather clouds). Moon waning (La'aukulua, 19 days old). Estimated latitude at sunrise: 09 degrees 22' S, based on measurements of Caph (21 degrees), Navi (19.5 degrees), and Ruchbah (20 degrees), transiting the meridian; also the latitude pairs of Vega and Shaula, parellel to the horizon at 4.5 degrees as they set at evening twilight; and a triplet of stars rising around 9 p.m.--Capella (4 degrees), Betelguese (6 degrees), and Canopus (8 degrees). Actual Position of Hokule'a at 6:00 a.m. HST: 10 degrees 11' S; 135 degrees 56'W, or about 180 miles east of Fatu Hiva (10 degrees 28' S, 138 degrees 50' W), the closest island to the canoe and the southeasternmost island of the Marquesas. Fishing: no strikes.
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