Back Reports / Voyage to Rapa Nui

September-October 1999

Oct. 12, 1999, a.m.--Activities on Land.

Oct. 9, 1999, a.m.--Arrival in Rapa Nui--Report by Juan P. Soler from "Gazette Te Rapa Nui," October 10, 1999: Welcome on Rapa Nui.

Oct. 8, 1999, p.m.--Thoughts of Navigators and Documentor Sam Low at the End of the Voyage

Oct. 8, 1999, p.m.--Landfall--riding the winds to the east (Sam Low)

Oct. 8, 1999, a.m.--Position Reports

Oct. 7, 1999, p.m.--Squalls! (Sam Low)

Oct. 8, 1999, a.m.--Interview with Chad by Brandon Fernandez (on Oct. 7 at 7:30 p.m.)

Oct. 7, 1999, a.m.--Interview with Chad by Kahula Hoke (on Oct. 6 at 7:30 p.m.)

Oct. 7, 1999, a.m.--Position Reports

Oct. 6, 1999, a.m.--No winds; then too much wind (Sam Low)

Oct. 6, 1999, a.m.--Interview with Chad by Amber Ladera (on Oct 5 at 7:30 p.m.)

Oct. 5, 1999, p.m.--Steering in Light Winds (Sam Low)

Oct. 5, 1999, a.m.--Tacking East

Oct. 4, 1999, p.m.--Interview with Nainoa by Tiare Lawrence (On Oct 4 at 10:00 p.m.)

Oct. 4, 1999, p.m.--Memories of Pitcairn Island (Sam Low)

Oct. 4, 1999, p.m.--Slow Going (Sam Low)

Oct. 4, 1999, a.m.--Wind Dies

Oct. 3, 1999, p.m.--Tacking South

Oct. 3, 1999, a.m.--Morning Position

Oct. 2, 1999, p.m.--Wind freshens (Sam Low)

Oct. 2, 1999, a.m.--Weather predictions

Oct.1, 1999, p.m.--Navigator's meeting at sunrise (Sam Low)

Oct. 1 a.m., 1999--Light and Variable Winds, Slow Progress.

Sept. 29, 1999--Nainoa's latest thinking on finding Rapa Nui (Interview by Sam Low)

Sept. 29, 1999--A night of squally weather (Sam Low)

Sept. 28, a.m.1999--Story of Maka's Petroglyph, a gift to Mangarevan host Bruno Schmidt (Sam Low)

Sept. 27, 1999--Thoughts of Navigator Nainoa Thompson on the Voyage So Far Half the Distance to Rapa Nui (interview by Sam Low)

Sept. 27, 1999--Past 125 degrees W (Ducie Atoll 100 miles to the N)

Sept. 26, 7 p.m.1999--Reading cloud formations (Sam Low)

Sept. 26, 1999--Traveling at 6 knots in 25 knots winds from the NNE.

Sept. 25, 1999--After a brief stop at Pitcairn, Hokule'a continue on in favorable 15-25 knots of wind (Sam Low)

Sept. 24, 1999--Sighting Pitcairn

Sept. 23, 1999--First Day at Sea

Sept. 22, 1999--Departure (Sam Low)

Sept. 22, 1999--Nainoa Thompson: Thoughts on the Mission of the Voyage (Interview by Sam Low)

Sept. 21, 1999--Final Preparations for Departure (Sam Low)

Sept. 21, 1999--On the Escort Boat Kama Hele (Sam Low)

Sept. 20, 1999--Practicing the Person Overboard Rescue Procedure (Sam Low)

Sept. 20, 1999--Departure Imminent (Sam Low)

Sept. 20, 1999--A Traditional Voyaging Story of Mangareva (Sam Low)

Sept. 17, 1999--Hokule'a Day at Mangareva School (Sam Low)

Sept. 15, 1999--Arrival in Mangareva (Sam Low)

Sept. 14, 1999--Documentor Sam Low interviews crew members Aaron Young, Dr. Ben Tamura, and Mike Tongg about how they prepared themselves for the voyage.