Monday ­ 10/4, a.m.

Brief Conversation with the Canoe this Morning at 8:15 am HST: Winds were really light--0-5 knots out of the ESE. Skies were clear and sunny. 2:26 am: Hokule'a is on a southerly tack to get to 27° 09' S (the latitude of Rapa Nui), where it plans to begin tacking east in a zigzagging search pattern to find Rapa Nui. Over the last 12 hours, it traveled about 28 miles Haka Kona (S by W), averaging 2.4 knots in light southeasterly winds; at 2:26 am, the canoe was at 24° 48' S, 113° 49' W, and heading Na Leo Malanai (SSE). At its current average speed (2.4 knots), it will take the canoe two days to reach the latitude of Rapa Nui (141 miles to the south at 2:26 am). If the canoe sails straight south along 113° 49' W, when it reaches the latitude of Rapa Nui, it will be about 233 miles to the west of Rapa Nui, which is at 109° 27' W (262 minutes of longitude away; each minute of longitude at 27° S equals .89 mile.) Tacking 233 miles east in search of Rapa Nui in the light trade winds prevailing in the area could take a while.

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