Interview with Chad Baybayan Aboard Hokule'a, 10/6/99, 7:38 p.m.

by Kahula Hoke

No. of days from Mangareva: 15

Est. Position: 250 mi. from Rapa Nui, 25-26 degrees 15 minutes

Current Heading: Naleo Malanai (SSE)

Current Speed: 5 knots

Current Wind Direction: Hikina (East)

Current Wind Speed: 15-20 mph

Current Wind is Stable

According to Chad, the weather is pretty overcast. All day it was wet, cold and overcast. They hardly saw any sun. They are getting closer to the new moon and there is less moon light each night. And he says that they really need more moon light. The last question that I asked was what would he be feeling and what would be going through his mind when they reach Rapa Nui and he says that it would be totally satisfiying for the whole crew.

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