Wednesday, October 6, 1999, a.m.

Interview with Chad Baybayan by Amber Ladera

Number of days at sea since Mangareva: 14 days, starting on the 15th

Current estimated position: 286 to miles to Rapanui; 26 degrees S (Latitude)

Current Heading: Naleo Malanai (SSE)

Current wind direction: NW (Manu Ho'olua?)

Current wind speed: Fairly light, 5-8 knots

Average Speed: 3-5 knots

I began with some standard weather questions first.

Light and variable winds. Chad said that they have been seeing high strato cumulus clouds, which indicates nothing but good weather. They have been able to see three planets: Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. Since Tiare's report, there has been only one significant change, and that is that the canoe is moving faster. Chad estimated that they would travel about 48 miles tonight. Also, the crew has spotted two birds, a frigate bird and a bonin bird. However, they have not spotted any albatross. They have not caught any fish, only catching 4 mahimahi since they have been at sea. I was curious about how they eat the fish, and I was told that they put it in soup or fry it. I was also told that the crew is feeling very optimistic!

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