Thursday, October 7, 1999, 7:30 p.m.

Interview with Chad Baybayan by Brandon Fernandez

I spoke to Chad Baybayan at approximately 7:30 pm. The Hokule'a has been out at sea for sixteen days now. The estimated position is 27 degrees latitude South. He thinks they are about 177 miles from Rapa Nui. The canoe's current speed is 5 knots. Current wind speeds are 15-18 knots and are steady. They are heading Manu Ko'olau (NE). The weather is still overcast and they are having a hard time seeing the stars although they did spot Jupiter a while ago. The swells are coming from Kona (SW) of the canoe. They are planning to encounter the same weather for a while and are going to keep the same course until 4:00 [?] approximately. The same type of birds ['iwa, or frigate birds, and petrels] have been spotted but not in great numbers. They haven't caught any fish today. Everyone on the canoe is healthy. I asked if he had any comments and he said they are looking for an island.
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