Monday, September 20 / Rikitea
Prepared by Documentor Sam Low

Departure Imminent

On Sunday evening, at about four PM, we received word that Hokule'a and Kama Hele should be ready to depart for Rapa Nui tomorrow at first light. We have already been put on notice by Nainoa to be ready for departure, so everything goes smoothly. Kama Hele is provisioned and fueled. The crew has been working aboard Hokule'a for the last few days and the sails are rigged, the gear stowed away, emergency drills have been performed and the new crew have blended with those already here. All of us are excited by the prospect ahead, to participate in one of the most important of voyages in Hokule'a's nearly twenty five years of sailing.

On Friday, the town had a party for the crew to say goodbye so that we would be free to depart at short notice. Saturday night the crew and our hosts enjoyed a special dinner at a local restaurant.

Sunday dawned with a partly cloudy sky and a light wind from the northeast. The crews of Kama Hele and Hokule'a have moved their personal gear aboard to be ready to sail t at short notice. Kama Hele will complete fueling today. Hokule'a will complete rigging the sails and stowing gear aboard.