Report for Friday, Oct. 2, a.m.

Hokule'a continues to sail slowly to the east at about 2 knots. In the 24-hour period from 1 a.m., Oct. 1 to 1 a.m., Oct. 2, the canoe made about 51 miles east and 5 miles south on an 'Aina Malanai (ESE) heading (106 true). Winds are light westerlies, which are forecasted to go to light southerlies as a cold front slides by to the south of the canoe today and tomorrow. At 3:30 a.m., Hokule'a was about 327 miles from Rapa Nui. Navigator Nainoa Thompson says that latitude readings will start to get more difficult as the moon wanes past its last quarter (Oct. 1). The readings depend on measuring the height of stars above the horizon as they cross the meridian. As the moonlight diminishes and nights get darker, the horizon gets less distinct, the ocean surface less easy to distinguish from the night sky.

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