Sept. 27, 7:09 a.m. HST--The northerly winds are beginning to decrease in strength as a front passes to the south of Hokule'a. This morning, the canoe was doing 6-7 knots, heading La Malanai, or E by S (96° true) in 15-20 knot NNE winds (down from 25 knots).

At its present speed, the canoe will be half way to Rapa Nui this evening. The navigators believe they passed south of Ducie Atoll last night (100 miles to the the N at 125 degrees W), as they saw Manuoku (white terns) from that atoll flying in the direction of home last night and flying from the direction of home to fish at sea this morning.

The sailing may get more difficult and progress toward Rapa Nui may be much slower once the winds lighten and go easterly as the canoe gets closer to Rapa Nui. Swells are from E, ENE (trade wind swells) and SW (from a low pressure system to the south). The trade wind swells indicate that the canoe is appraoching the easterly trade winds. Navigator's Estimated Position at sunrise (Sept. 27): 25° 51' S latitude, 773 miles from Rapa Nui; Actual Position at 6:43 a.m.: 25° 39' S, 755 miles from Rapa Nui.

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