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Resources: Online Content

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Kamehameha Schools Archives / Polynesian Voyaging Society Archives

At Website: Articles and Photos by crew member/documentor Sam Low.

Exploratorium, San Francisco / Never Lost: Polynesian Navigation. 2010

Hawaiian Canoe Building Traditions (at Ulukau Website). Developed by Naomi N.Y. Chun and illlustration by Robin Y. Burningham. Honolulu, Kamehameha Schools. 1995.

Online at the PVS Website

Ben Finney

Herb Kane

Official Web Site:

Online at the PVS website:

Tommy Holmes

Will Kyselka

Nainoa Thompson

Chad Baybayan

Sam Low

Dennis Kawaharada

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Modern Wayfinding (Navigation and Astronomy)

Non-Instrument Weather Forecasting (Meteorology and Oceanography)

Hawaiian, Polynesian, Pacific, and Western Star Names