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Online Visuals

Herb Kawainui Kane, Eia Hawai‘i (Behold Hawai‘i!) Sighting Mauna Kea

1. A Selection of the Painitings by Herb Kawainui Kane featured on this website can be found at the PVS Herb Kawainui Kane page. His studio website also displays images of his work. His paintings illustrate his books:

2. Photos and Drawings of Hokule‘a: Hokule‘a Image Gallery (From 1973)

3. Photos of Pacific Canoes at the Sixth Pacific Arts Festival, Rarotonga, 1992: See No Na Mamo, Voyage for Education (Sailing in the Cook Islands, Sept. 20-Oct. 25).

4. Photos and Drawaings of Polynesian Canoes that participated in Na ‘Ohana Holomoana/The Voyaging Families of the Vast Ocean, 1995: See Voyage to Nukuhiva for photos of Te ‘Aurere (Aotearoa), Te ‘Au o Tonga (Rarotonga), Takitumu (Rarotonga), Hawai'i Loa (Hawai'i), Hokule'a (Hawai'i), Makali'i (Hawai'i); see Events at Taputapuatea 1995 for drawings of Te ‘Aurere (Aotearoa), Te ‘Au o Tonga (Rarotonga), Takitumu (Rarotonga), Hawai'i Loa (Hawai'i), Hokule'a (Hawai'i), Makali'i (Hawai'i), A'a Kahiki-Nui (Tahiti), Tahiti Nui, (Tahiti).

5. Maps: Maps of voyages are available at the webpages for each voyage. To access the menu for the voyages, go to Holokai/Voyages.

6. Hawaiian and Micronesian Star Compasses