Herb Kawainui Kāne: Founding of PVS; Building and Naming Hōkūle‘a
Herb Kawainui Kāne: Ships with Souls (with a Bibliography of Traditional Canoe Building)
Herb Kawainui Kāne: In Search of the Ancient Polynesian Voyaging Canoe (Designing Hōkūle‘a)
Herb Kawainui Kāne: Evolution of the Hawaiian Canoe
Ben Finney: Founding of PVS; Building Hōkūle‘a
Kenneth Emory: Launching Hōkūle‘a March 8, 1975
Sam Low and Herb Kawainui Kāne: Sam Ka'ai and Hōkūle‘a's Ki'i
Hōkūle’a Photo Gallery

Building Hawai‘iloa: 1991-1994
Sam Low: Sacred Forests: The Story of the Logs for the Hulls of Hawai‘iloa

Koakanu: Traditional Hawaiian Canoe-Building (1916-1917)
Edgar Henriques: Hawaiian Canoes (1925)
S.M. Kamakau: The Building of Keawenui'umi's Canoe
Hawaiian Deities of Canoes and Canoe Building
Plants and Tools Used for Building Traditional Canoes
Parts of a Traditional Canoe
Hawaiian Canoe-Building Traditions (1995, online at Ulukau)

Hōkūle‘a Image Gallery (From 1973)

1973: Construction Drawings: Building Hōkūle‘a (1973-1975)

1975: Launching Hōkūle‘a, at Hakipu‘u-Kualoa, Kāne‘ohe Bay

Video of Hōkūle'a Launching, March 8, 1975 (posted on YouTube by BudScelsa):

1976: The First Voyage to Tahiti

Archival Video and Film (Length: 10 minutes): Hōkūle‘a 1976, including the Arrival in Tahiti and the Arrival back home in Hawai‘i. Posted on YouTube by pcsige.

c. 1975-1976

Kane‘ohe Bay, off Kualoa-Hakipu‘u

Sailing Home after the 1976 voyage to Tahiti. Star-Bulletin Archives

1980: Second Voyage to Tahiti

Hōkūle‘a in Tahiti. Photo by Michael Tongg. Kamehameha Schools Online Archives

1985-1987: Voyage of Rediscovery

Hokule‘a. Painting by Herb Kawainui Kane

c. 1988

Sailing toward Moloka‘i. Photo by Monte Costa

1992: Rarotonga and 1995: the Marquesas

Training Sail. Photo by Doug Peebles. The straight boom allowed the sails to be closed more tightly to the mast in strong winds.

Sailing off Honolulu, 1995

Sailing in front of Le‘ahi (Diamond Head), Honolulu, 1995. Photo by Sam Low

Hokule‘a 2006. Painting by Herb Kawainui Kane

Drawing by Star-Bulletin artist David Swann


Summer 1995: West Coast Tour

Hōkūle‘a at the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.

1999-2000: Voyage to Rapanui

Rigged for upwind sails to the Marquesas and Rapanui; Boomless triangular sails and jib to help the canoe drive into the wind.

Sailing for Rapanui

At Rapanui

Sailing Home to Hawai‘i

Sailing Home to Hawai‘i

Diagram of Hokule‘a by Honolulu Advertiser Artist Greg Taylor

2004: Papahānaumokuākea (Northwestern Hawaiian Islands): Navigating Change

Sailing toward Nihoa. Photo by Na‘alehu Anthony

2007: Satawal and Japan

Sailing for Majuro, with Alingano Maisu, a canoe for Mau (foreground). Photo by Sam Low

Sailing for Satawal with Crab Claw Sails. Photo by Sam Low

Sailing in light winds toward Okinawa. Photo by Mike Taylor

Sailing in the Inland Sea. Photo by Kato Kosei

Sailing into Yokohama, Japan.