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Songs and Chants of the Canoes

Iz. Hōkūle‘a, Star of Gladness.” Mākaha Sons of Ni‘ihau.Puana Hou me ke Aloha, posted on youtube. Composed by crew member Boogie Kalama. Lyrics included.

Iz. Hōkūle‘a, Star of Gladness.” Video Recording at Miloli‘i, posted on youtube by peasefrawg.

Na Pali, with Carlos Andrade: Hōkūle‘a Hula.” Pacific Tunings. Awapuhi Productions, 1987. For the lyrics, see "One Stormy Night with Mau and a Song."

Taj Mahal and the Hula Blues Band: “No Nā Mamo,” featuring Carlos Andrade. Included on Summer Solstice 2: A Windham Hill Collection. Released April 2, 1998. For the lyrics, see "No Nā Mamo."

Hōkūle‘a: The Musical Saga of the Hawaiian Voyaging Canoe. Music: Roland Cazimero; Lyrics: Keli‘i Tauā. Released June 20, 1977. Mountain Apple Records. (Available at iTunes.)

Pule Mua / Chants / Hawai‘i Canoes. Keli‘i Tau‘ā. 1996. Mountain Apple Company.

Hōkūle‘a – “The Legacy” (A Musical Tribute CD). Produced by Ken Makuakane. Released in 2006 featuring various local artists, including Eddie Aikau singing a song he wrote about Hōkūle‘a. Available from PVS for a donation of $20.00. See contact information in the footer of this webpage. 

Hōkū. Keli‘i Tau‘ā and David Kauahikaua. Released Sept. 3, 2009. Tiki Records. (Available at iTunes.)