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1996-1997 Statewide Sail Activities

Activity 2: Provisioning

Concept: Planning carefully is important to sustain life, maintain good health and ensure survival.

Focusing Questions: What would you take with you to sustain life and ensure survival for 30 days at sea? What are the limits of what you can take? Why are the Hawaiian values of Lokomaika‘i (to share) and Olakino Maika‘i (to live healthily) important to the canoe and its crew?



Divide students into 4 groups. Give each group a set of 64 provisioning cards, each with a provision. (See a sample list below; it could be updated and improved.) If you don't have time to make cards, a simple checklist will work.

Have students select 15 items (or fewer) that they would take with them on a 30-day voyage. Have each group discuss WHY. Have one group then volunteer to present and discuss why they have chosen their items. Paste cards on a board or write the list on a board. As the other groups listen, have them quietly choose the items that have not already been mentioned and be prepared to share these items with the rest of the group and their reasons for choosing them instead of items the first group chose.

Guidelines for Selection of Provisions:

Follow-up Discussion: How is living on an island like living on a canoe? What resources do we need to sustain life and ensure survival? Which of our possessions are necessities, which are luxuries?

What limits, if any, do we have on what we own and consume? How successfully are we living on our islands and sustaining our resources? Will future generations be able to sustain life living as we do? If not, what would need to change to make life sustainable?


What Would You Take With You to Survive on a 30-40 day Voyage on Hokule‘a, from Hawai‘i to Tahiti?

Guidelines for Selection

Sample list of possible provisions to give to students.

A Sample List of Provision Cards. The list can be easily modified. (We made cards with pictures of the items on them, with the English names on one side and the Hawaiian names on the other.)





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