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"It takes an ahupua'a to launch a canoe." In preparation for upcoming voyaging, Hokule'a was in dry dock at Pier 60 (Friends of Hokule'a and Hawai'iloa Workshop on Sand Island) from Dec 7, 2001 to Dec. 23, 2002. The project Coordinator was Navigator Bruce Blankenfeld; the on-site manager was crew member Russell Amimoto.

Timeline of 2002 Drydock / Ka'iulani Murphy

Drydock Photo Gallery:

Haul Out: (1) Hokule'a lifted from the water by a crane at Ke'ehi Marine Center (KMC); (2) Jim Leveille driving the Marine Travel Lift; (3) Paul Cobb-Adams (left) and Carlos Lopez discussing the next step to in hauling out the canoe; PVS leadership in the background; (4) Yoshi Muraoka, the administrative director at KMC; (5) Modrel Keju, KMC office staff.

At Pier 61: (1) Hokule'a at Pier 61, Workshop Home of the Friends of Hokule'a and Hawai'iloa; (2) Bruce, Wally, and Jerry discuss repairs.

Maintenance and Dryrot Repairs: (1) Nitty Gritty--patching and sanding the hull; (2) Cat Fuller standing over the open hull; (3) Tim Gilliom chisels out some dry rot; (4) Russell Amimoto with Kevin San Miguel and Tim Gilliom fiberglass over the dry rot repairs; (5) Ann-Marie Mizuno sanding the railing; (6) Dry rot repair work on the starboard hull; (7) Keao Meyer preparing for the outer hull for fiberglass work ; (8) Russell Amimoto glassing the outer hull; (9) Jerry Ongais sanding the outer hull; (10) Russell Amimoto and Kawai Hoe fiberglassing; (11) Russell Amimoto working inside the hull; (12) Kawai Hoe glassing inside the hull.

Lashing: (1) Kawai Hoe, Brad Cooper and Bobby Takei pull the line tight from below while Bruce Blankenfeld and Lyle Fukumoto maintain the lashing pattern above; (2) Below deck, Catherine Fuller and Dennis Chun pull tight the lashings of the deck to the 'iako ; (3) Meanwhile, cousins Kealoha Hoe and Kawai Hoe pull tight from above; (4) More Lashing, with Liz Kashinsky, Bob Bee, Cindy Macfarlane and Sean Marrs. Hokule'a is lashed together with a couple of miles of intricate ropework, no nails or bolts!; (5) Kawai and Russell lashing one of eight 'iako, or crossbeams, that join the two hulls.