Geology, Geography, History, and Anthropology

Hokule'a Tours Pacific Ocean's Hotspots: The Voyage to Rapa Nui from a Geological Perspective


Heragi (Pitcairn) / by Sir Peter Buck

Pitcairn Island Government Website

Small Islands, Atolls, and Reefs Around Mangareva and Rapa Nui: Oeno Atoll, Pitcairn, Henderson, Temoe, Minerva and Portland Reefs, Ducie Atoll, Sala-y-Gomez


  • Geography, European Contact, and Religion and Mythology / Buck
  • Traditional History and Society / Buck
  • Mangareva Today / Carlson

  • Rapa Nui

  • Geography, History and Religion / Buck
  • Arts and Crafts / Buck
  • Deforestation of the Island / Bahn and Flenley
  • Voyaging and Rapa Nui Pre-History / Finney
  • Contact between Rapa Nui and the Mapuche Culture of South America (Chile)?/Ramirez
  • Bibliography--Marquesas

    Bibliography--Rapa Nui and Mangareva