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Weather: Observation and Forecasting

Nainoa Thompson

Feb. 20, 2000; 15 days out of Tahiti, sailing for Hawai'i

Weather Analysis: Normal trade wind clouds and sea state on February 20, 2000. "On the horizon you see what we call zone -based trade wind cumulus clouds. There is little vertical development, meaning no high clouds, and no squalls are visible. These clouds suggest to me a stable weather pattern. The wind is clean and predictable, blowing 20-25 knots. I judge the wind speed by the feel of the wind against my body, also by the fact there are a lot of white caps and wind streaks along the ocean surface, also the size of the swells which are about ten feet high. (On feb 20 the wind blew from the NE, forcing us to steer too far to the west; since then the wind has shifted more easterly allowing us to head north.)