Voyages (1976-2000): Past voyages sponsored by the Polynesian Voyaging Society, from the first triumphant voyage of Hokule'a to Tahiti in 1976, to the amazing voyage to Rapa Nui in 1999.
Life on a Canoe: What it's like to live for a month on board a replica of an ancient voyaging canoe.
Wayfinding (Non-instrument Navigation): The art of wayfinding as it was practiced by ancient Tahitians and Hawaiians, as well as how it is practiced today during its modern revival.
Polynesian Migrations: How Polynesia was settled; Map of Polynesia.
Canoe Building : The building of the voyaging canoes Hokule'a (1973-1975) and Hawai'iloa (1990-1993); the ancient art of canoe-building.
Hawaiian Proverbs and Polynesian Traditions of Voyaging: Proverbs related to voyaging, with illustrations by Melanie Lessett and Helene Iverson; stories of legendary Hawaiian and Polynesian voyagers.




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