PVS Sail Camp, Spring 2011. For Boy Scouts/Mark Ellis

Goals of the activity:

          Gain an understanding of sailing various traditional Hawaiian sailing canoe

          Reinforce the importance of knot tying

          Identify potential Eagle Scout service projects


          Prepare scouts for activity by giving them an overview of PVS, Hokulea and Hawaiian sailing canoes

o     Resources



          Ensure scouts are able to do the following knots:

o     Square

o     Bowline

o     Clove Hitch

o     Sheet bend




          Conduct swim test with scouts and review Safe Swim Defense

o     Resources:


Sail Camp Activity at Kualoa/Hakipuu

Post –activities:

o     Discuss with Scouts what they learned and how they plan to do things differently with that knowledge

o     Review knots

o     Discuss potential Eagle Scout service projects. (I have several boys looking into different Eagle Scout service projects, the final project that Scouts must complete prior to obtaining the rank of an Eagle Scout the highest rank a Boy Scout can receive. These proposed projects involve supporting the Hawaiian culture and preserving the environment. My scouts really appreciated the experience.)