Sunday, July 11, 1999 (8:30 a.m.)

Canoe Departed Hilo p.m. June 15, 1999,

As of Sunrise Today Hokule'a was at Sea: 25.5 days

Actual Position (From GPS unit on board escort boat).

July 10, 10:10 p.m.: 08 degrees 09.41 minutes S, 141 degrees 43.23 minutes W

July 11, Sunrise 5:30 a.m.: 08 degrees 45.65 minues S, 141 degrees 42.35 minutes W

Navigator's Estimate (from Bruce Blankenfeld, Navigator, and Pi'ikea Miller, Apprentice Navigator on "Hokule'a."):

July 10, Sunset: 08 degrees 26 minutes S, west of the Marquesas

July 11, Sunrise: 09 degrees 53 minues S, west of Marquesas

Hokule'a continues its zigzagging search pattern, looking for the Marquesas. At noon yesterday, Hokule'a changed its heading to Hema/Haka Malanai (S/S by E). They sighted three manu-o-ku (land-based seabirds) feeding. This morning at 7 a.m., Hokule'a tacked again, to Noio/Manu Ko'olau (NE by E/NE). The canoe is doing 5 knots. The crew saw small piles of birds this morning, but mainly koa'e kea (white-tailed tropic birds), not the land-based birds they are looking for.

The canoe is 90 miles due west of Nukuhiva, its destination. On its present heading and speed, the canoe will be about 20 miles WSW of Eiao at sunset today--close enough to see the island if the horizon is clear.

Eiao, the island at the Northwest corner of the Marquesan Archipelago, is about 2000 feet high, a little lower than the island of Lana'i; on a clear day, it can be seen within 44 miles.

Winds are from 'Aina Malanai (ESE) at 15 knots. Clear skies, cumulus clouds. Seas of 12-18 feet, with some white caps and steep swells, one from ESE and one from the E. The canoe is rocking and rolling on its current tack.

The crew was cleaning the deck when we called over the single-side band radio.

Strategy: Hokule'a is tacking back and forth between Noio/Manu Ko'olau (NE by E/NE) and Hema/Haka Malanai (S/S by E) in the ESE trades. It is gaining back the easting it lost during its search for the Marquesas to the southwest and is searching for the islands to the East.


Latitude: Kochab, Pherkad, and Alphirk

Stars. Clear night, with small patches of clouds. Moon: Kane (the 27th moon phase) rising after midnight.

Daytime navigation: Sun: sunrise and sunset (ENE/WNW); Kane (the 27th moon moon phase) setting in the afternoon.

Fishing report:

Sea Life: Manu-o-ku, koa'e kea (white-tailed tropic birds).