Friday, June 25, 1999 (8:30 a.m.)

Actual Position (From GPS unit on board escort boat).

June 24, Sunset (600:p.m.): 09 degrees, 06.76 minutesN, 144 degrees, 36.15 minutes W

June 25, Sunrise ( 5:25 a.m.): 08 degrees 24.69 minutes N, 144 degrees 24.31 minutes W.

Radio Report from Pi'ikea Miller, Apprentice Navigator on "Hokule'a."

No. of Days at Sea: 10

With a good sighting of Hokupa'a in the crystal clear predawn sky, the navigators have determined that they have been overestimating the distance they have traveled to the south and have once again adjusted their estimated latitude. (The lower Hokupa'a gets to the horizon, the more accurate the measurement of its altitude with one's outstretched hand and the more accurate the esimate of latitude.)

Doldrum conditions have dissipated. Hokule'a is sailing under clear skies with cumulus clouds and seas of 2-3 ft. (Hokule'a is passing between two areas of cloudiness in the Intertropical Convergence Zone.) Winds are coming out of the east at 10-15 knots and the steersperson is holding Nalani Malanai (SE by S), 41 miles east of the reference course line. There is a small swell coming out of the south.

A pod of dolphins has been traveling with the canoe over the last day.

Position (Navigator's Estimate):

June 24, Sunset: 7 degrees north; 41 mi. E of reference line

June 25, Sunrise: 7 degrees north; 41 mi. E of reference line (readjusted to account for earlier overestimates of distance traveled south.)

Heading (with current set) and Strategy: hold the course line of nalani malanai.

Speed: 5 knots


Daytime navigation: sunrise and sunset (ENE/WNW); ENE trade wind swell diminished; small swell from the S; 11-day old moon rising in the afternoon.

Nightime navigation: clear night, full of stars and planets.

Latitude: Hokupa'a

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