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Hokule‘a’s Millenium Statewide Sail, 2000-2001

“Our Islands, Our Canoe”

In fall 2000 and spring 2001, Hokule'a toured the islands of Hawai'i to celebrate her 25 years of voyaging and to bring hands-on learning experiences to students and their families and communities.

Kaua'i (Sept. 22-Oct. 28): Reports and Photos

The Sail to Kaua'i, September 22, 2000 / Captain Dennis Chun

Hokule'a Tours at Nawiliwili, Kaua'i, September 25-October 1, 2000 / Captain Dennis Chun

Hokule'a Tours at 'Ele'ele (Port Allen), Kaua'i, October 1-14, 2000 / Captain Dennis Chun

Hokule'a Tours on Kaua'i, Kaua'i Report / Malama Hawai'i Education Intern Kaliko Amona

Hokule'a Tours at Hanalei, Kaua'i, October 22-27, 2000 / Captain Dennis Chun

Hawai'i (Oct. 30-Dec. 6): Reports and Photos

Update: Hokule'a arrived safely in Hilo, Hawai'i, on Monday evening, Oct. 30. She left Maunalua Bay, O'ahu, on Saturday, October 28 at 11 p.m. under Captain Clay Bertelmann. The route took Hokule'a south of Lana'i and to Kawaihae before she continued around the north side of the Big Island to Hilo. (Local News: On Nov. 2, Hilo was deluged with over 2 feet of rain in 24 hours.)

Hokule'a Tours at Hilo, Hawai'i, Oct. 31-Nov. 10, 2000 / Kaliko Amona, Malama Hawai'i Education Intern

Photos from Hilo: (1)Boogie Kalama, Desmond Antone, and Kainoa Lee play music on the way to Hawai'i from O'ahu.; (2) A local school group gets a good look at Hokule'a just before the heavy rain begins; (3) Desmond Antone leads the tour of Kamehameha fourth graders; (4) Kamehameha fourth graders cheer around the steering paddle.

Voyage to Miloli'i, Thoughts on PVS Education Programs; Nov. 18-20, 2000 / Navigator Chad Baybayan

Report and Photos from Keauhou; posted Dec. 1, 2000.

Lana'i (Jan. 20-26): Report

Lana'i Report by Kaliko Amona, Malama Hawai'i Education Intern; posted Feb. 16, 2001.

Maui (Jan. 27-Feb. 11): Reports and Photos

Report from Maui; posted Feb. 14, 2001. As reported in The Maui Times, Jan. 30, 2001, by Lydee Ritchie.

Photos from Maui (by Lydee Ritchie); posted Feb. 14, 2001: (1) Hokule'a offshore of Kihei; (2) Captain Snake Ah Hee and Navigator Chad Baybayan with chanters; (3) Kalei chants to the canoe; (4) Kumu Hokulani Holt-Padilla and several other student chanters were also present to greet Hokule'a; (5) A coconut for Hokule'a; (6) A group of well-wishers; (7) Group Shot: Captain Snake Ah Hee and Navigator Chad Baybayan with chanters; (8) Abraham "Snake" Ah Hee at left receives a proclamation from Mayor James "Kimo" Apana who declared the year 2001 as "The Year of the Hokule`a" at a welcoming dinner attended by 150 people for the Hokule`a crew members at Ma`alaea Harbor Village. The Village's General Partner Michael Spalding, at right, offered the showroom for additional Hokule`a exhibits and "talk-story" presentations. ; (9) Maui Students Enjoy Their Visit to Hokule'a.

Mayor Proclaims 2001 Year of the Hokule'a; posted Feb. 15, 2001; by Lydee Ritchie.

Moloka'i (Feb. 25-Mar. 18): Report and Photos

Report (posted 5/05/2001) and Photos (posted 3/15/2001) from Molokai: (1) Hokule'a greeted by a Rainbow over Moloka'i; (2) A Lei for Hokule'a; (3) Kids getting ready to board Hokule'a; (4) Talking Story about Hokule'a; (5) Sunset: Getting ready for night watch aboard the canoe; (6) Moloka'i Co-coordinator Mel Paoa and wife Donna, with Kaliko, talk story at night; (7) Sharing food at the potluck; (8) Up early to catch the moonset; (9) Moloka'i Co-coordinator Penny Martin talking story with the kids; (10) Education Intern Kaliko, assisted by Stef, talks about Malama Hawai'i, taking care of our islands; (11) The kids respond excitedly with questions; (12) Rhonda talks about healthy foods; (13) The kids look at an alien species: the snake, which if introduced, could decimate Hawai'i's native birds; (14) The kids display a miconia leaf; this alien species is overrunning Hawai'i's native forests. .

O'ahu (Jan. 9-Jan 19; Mar. 25-May 20): Photos

Photos (posted 5/07/2001): (1) Hokule'a docked at Hale'iwa, O'ahu; (2) School Children Visit the Canoe; (3) Students learn navigation from PVS navigator Shantell Ching; (4) Students from Mililani Mauka Work the Steering Paddle; (5) Hokule'a Heads into Wai'anae Boat Harbor; (6) Hokule'a at Wai'anae Boat Harbor.